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John Hatchett Coachmaker (1729 - 1806)

Along with his son Charles, they were sometime 'coachmakers to the king'. Charles Hatchett (1765-1847) was a member of the Royal Society, and during his early life studied and wrote about geology, mineralogy and chemistry. He is credited with discovering the element Niobium.


A website, in the early stages of development, of Hatchett genealogy. Origin of the name: (According to The Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland) England: Nickname from Middle English hachet(te) 'small axe', Old French hachete, evidently an occupational name for a hatchet maker or user. There are currently about 472 Hatchetts in GB and 25 in Ireland. In 1881 there were 326 Hatchetts scattered in GB with concentrations in London, Hertfordshire and Staffordshire.

John Hatchett (1844 - 1899)

My Great Grandfather. Born and lived in Hugglescote, Leicestershire.